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What We Share

We share our passion for historic buildings and how they connect us today with our past. We share practical information about looking after our heritage assets in a changing world that demands a more sustainable approach to everything we do.


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These Are Some of the Questions We Are Frequently Asked:

How is The Architect Studio different from other firms?

At The Architect Studio, we understand that construction projects can be daunting. Our approach centres on open communication with clients, consultants, and contractors. We work closely with commercial and non-profit clients to transform historic buildings, listening to your concerns, refining project briefs, assisting with funding, and ensuring all stakeholders' expectations are met. Your priorities are our priorities.

Do I need an architect for my project?

You might need an architect, or you might not. The need for professional advice is usually linked to the intricacies of the project, not so much about its size.

​We can help you understand the issues surrounding a construction project from the outset through planning requirements and spatial efficiency to ensure that your investment is met with a very high-quality design that is future-proof.

​What are the benefits of engaging an architect?

The title "architect" is protected by law and the Architect's Registration Board ( stringently regulates us. All registered architects must have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place. Just remember, if an architect is not on the Register, then simply they are not. Protect your investment!

How much is it going to cost me?

Professional fees for architectural services vary depending on the extent of the architect's involvement. At The Architect Studio, the client will always have a choice to select how much they are prepared to invest and how much assistance they think they need. An initial consultation will help dissipate the level of services required.

​Some clients only require a feasibility study, others only require services up to the planning stage, and others prefer to engage our services from inception to completion. The choice is yours!

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