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Becket's Chapel - An Abridged account of the last two years in its long history...

Becket's Chapel in Wymondham, Norfolk, stands out as one of eight national climate adaptation case studies backed by Historic England.

My collaboration with Historic Norfolk Buildings Trust over the past two and a half years has been truly rewarding. Together, we have worked towards realising a vision for the building that not only preserves its historical significance but also aligns with the contemporary needs of the local community.

The recent repair works involved essential retrofit measures, ensuring the building's sustainability for the future, which goes beyond merely reducing carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency; it also guarantees continuous use, generating vital revenue for the Trust's ongoing maintenance efforts.

See below the video 🎥 I finally got around to editing for the Phase 1 construction stage completed in the Autumn of last year. I know it is not a professional video, but I hope it is informative 😉.

Our focus has shifted to developing proposals for an extension currently in the pre-planning application stage. Once again, at The Architect Studio Ltd, I'm fortunate to lead an exceptional consultant team with Conisbee as structural engineers, idacs as access consultant, @Clear Consulting and Design as Mechanical and electrical consultant, Andrew Morton Associates for quantity surveying services, Philip Waller as CDM-PD, and Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited.

Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as we continue to shape the future of Becket's Chapel.


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