Architect in Cambridgeshire for your Listed Residential Property

A listed residential property can sometimes be challenging when you would like to make changes to adjust it to your lifestyle and find that it is not so straightforward. Historic properties require someone with experience that can work with you and guide you through the process to achieve your goals within the constraints of the listed building. 

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Sometimes, the client will have a very well-defined idea of what they want to achieve and have already imagined and even researched everything to the last tap and lock. However, they can be less confident about how to procure the construction stage.

Some other clients are less decided about what they need and require further assistance establishing their brief. 

The first step is to establish how ready the client is to engage professional services to kick-start their project. Please get in touch with me for an initial conversation.


At the outset of the project, a site visit by the architect is always valuable. Otherwise, it is hard to understand a property's constraints and opportunities without seeing its layout, surroundings, vistas, etc. It also provides an excellent opportunity to review the initial brief and how it responds to current and future needs.

The exploratory phase of a project deals with firming up the brief as much as possible and gathering information about the property that could impact the proposals and vice versa; it involves fieldwork and desktop research on planning requirements that could constrain the development. It is also the moment to discuss options with the client and discuss alternatives if what they were expecting cannot be achieved; there are always alternatives! 

Usually, a multi-disciplinary team of consultants is required. That is something that I can help you procure from a list of specialist contacts, including engineers, quantity surveyors, ecologists, archaeologists, etc. that have worked with me delivering many projects before.


I understand that financial resources are always limited, and de-risking a project means achieving affordable solutions. Many projects have a short life and do not come to fruition because the budget was not enough, the client had unreal expectations, or there was no clear plan from the outset.

Although outline estimated budgets can change subject to design modifications, client decisions, market fluctuations, timescales, etc., they are instrumental as an initial appraisal that can be the make or break in a project. It is worthless to provide the client with options if they fall out of their financial means.

Your Choice

A flexible approach to achieve your goal is at the heart of The Architect Studio. 

Fees transparency will give you the peace of mind that you are only committing to what you feel comfortable with, so you can engage my services throughout or on a stage-by-stage basis. At TAS, we follow the RIBA Plan of Work, an industry standard that helps plan a building project from inception to completion broken into eight stages. It is a handy tool for both the designers and the client, as it explains stage outcomes, core tasks and information exchanges.

I like giving the client the option to engage my services stage-by-stage or from inception to completion. The choice is yours!

Let's Work Together

Contact me either by phone or email to discuss your project and how I can help you.